Door Lock Basics

Intruder Alarm system

A door lock is a modern accessory that keeps your home or business safe from unauthorized entry by people who don’t know the combination. Modern door locks come with various options for securing your home or business. Keyless entry systems offer convenient access for the convenience of your customers while keeping them safe from strangers on the outside. It is recommended that you replace your existing deadbolt with an Intruder Alarm system. These Intruder Alarms have a dual purpose:

The first and most common type of alarm system for your door is the traditional key pad/s sensor-based alarm system. Modern convenience experts have created smart locks with Intruder sensors that are designed to sense if someone opens the door or window. The Intruder Alarm then emits an audible alarm that not only sounds throughout your home, but also at the door or window siding (if there is one) so that you can recognize it and call the police in a short time. The Intruder Alarms have a high failure rate and should be replaced annually, while the keyless entry systems can last up to 20 years.

keypad entry system

The other modern type of door lock is the smart keypad entry system. With this type, you have a small keypad installed inside your door that is used to control your Intruder Alarm, as well as your garage door and window opener. Each of these entry points has a button on the keypad that acts as a security touchpad. You can program a specific user name or password to each entry point, so that you and your family know who is entering your home. The Intruder Alarm system detects these button clicks and notifies the user via text message or phone call, so that you know in advance that someone is trying to enter your home.

The other important parts of your door lock system are the lock cylinder, the door lock body, and the key ring. The lock cylinder is a crucial component because it is the component that provides the security against unwanted opening of the door by an unauthorized person. The cylinder is designed in a way that when it is locked, it creates a very strong impact and should only be opened by a professional when the key is inside the lock.

the cylinder bumpers

On the other hand, the door lock body and the key ring, which are also known as the cylinder bumpers, are made with a soft, cushioned interior that will prevent the lock from being forced open by a person using a mallet or other instrument that has the same hardness as the bumpers. The locking mechanism that operates on this type of door lock is generally made up of two different mechanisms. One type of locking mechanism consists of a torsion spring that is secured by two thin vertical pieces that run parallel to the door. The other locking mechanism is made up of a pin that is installed in between the two pieces of the locking mechanism and a thumb turn that allows the lock to be opened.

These two types of locking mechanisms are available in the market and each has its own advantages. However, it is up to you to choose which among these is best for you. Some of these locking mechanisms have automatic control systems installed inside them while some require manual activation. The automatic systems are more reliable, but they are also more expensive. On the other hand, smart door lock systems allow you to activate them manually as long as you have the keys. They are also much more affordable.

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