How to Consider Using Professional Appraisers to Buy Chinese Antique Porcelain

authentic antique Chinese goods

Purchasing antique Chinese items requires a bit of knowledge. First, if you don’t know anything about Chinese antiques, you’re better off starting out by purchasing authentic antique Chinese goods. Second, while you could visit garage sales and flea markets in your local area, it’s best to look for authentic Chinese items on the Internet first. Third, while there are a few ways to tell if an antique is authentic Chinese, the best way to know for sure is to purchase one from a reliable antique dealer who will provide documentation as to its origin and condition.

Many Chinese antique collectors are interested in Oriental antiques for their sentimental value. They seek these antique Chinese treasures because of their unique history and their unique aesthetic beauty. Chinese antique collectors typically purchase Chinese paintings, wood carvings, porcelain vases, figurines, and wall hangings. Most importantly, they buy these pieces because of their aesthetic and sentimental value. Chinese antique sellers describe their items as coming from an “oried old town”, “a long ago civilization” or “an ancient time”. These are examples of how antique Chinese items reflect the culture and history of China.

Chinese art appraisals

Because Chinese art appraisals are so critical to buying chinese antiques, you should only buy Chinese antique artwork from a trusted art appraiser who can explain their practices and provide documentation. It is also important that the art appraiser have extensive experience in the field. Many antique dealers offer Chinese art appraisals on their websites. You should use these Chinese art appraisals to determine the age and authenticity of your Chinese antique acquisitions. You should also bear in mind that just because a Chinese antique piece looks old doesn’t mean it is. Genuine antique china could be several hundred years old.

Chinese art appraisals are done through the use of the most modern techniques, including Computer Aided Analysis (CAA), Computer Assisted Assay (CAS) and Electronic Document Transfer Software (EDT). You should also understand the different genres of Chinese art and what characteristics each genre has. Chinese auction house art buyers, for example, will often examine Chinese vase paintings by artist Huang Xing and examine the age and authenticity through CBA. Chinese auction house professionals use CAS to determine if a painting is fakes based on certain features such as irregular pigments and rough surfaces.

categories of Chinese antique

One of the most popular categories of Chinese antique china includes porcelain vase paintings. They are exceptionally hard to find and are usually very rare. These Chinese porcelain vase paintings were typically created during the Song dynasty ( Dynasty ) around 1450. They were specifically produced for wealthy families and were kept at places such as royal gardens.

If you are looking to buy Chinese antique porcelain, it is important that you learn how to evaluate them. Knowing how to recognize fakes can make all the difference between a cheap piece due to bad craftsmanship or an expensive piece due to authenticity. Do not settle for second best. You need to be able to really consider using a professional antique China appraiser to help you. Chinese antique porcelain is a great investment and there is no reason why you should not use professional services.

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