Sliding Doors – All You Need to Know About Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors are a kind of door that slides sideways by sliding vertically, usually perpendicular to a solid wall. Sliding doors are usually mounted either on a tracks above or be secured from a track on the ground. These doors are also called patio doors, closet doors, barn doors, garden doors, or patio doors. Sliding doors have gained in popularity over the past few decades because they provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors without the inconvenience of folding or unfolding a door. Many people install sliding glass doors in their kitchens and bathrooms because the visibility is so good and the ease of use is worth the extra effort. However, installing a sliding door requires some basic knowledge of sliding doors and you should get this knowledge from either a home improvement or hardware store.

Sliding glass doors are made up of two panels that are attached to each other with hinges between them. A thin layer of glass is between the panels of the door and the track. The weight of the door is supported by a frame that is integral to the hinge design. On swing out sliding doors the door is held in place by slats or plastic strips that run from side to side of the track. The track itself can be secured to a concrete or wood floor or simply stood on a step.

exterior sliding doors

On exterior sliding doors one fixed panel occupies a horizontal space and two moveable panels occupy vertical space. Each panel has two or three hinges and is secured to the lower track by nuts and screws. The bottom panel is left free and moves vertically in the track along a tread, making it easier to slide. To prevent damage to the track, each hinge is installed on a stud or post.

Sliding Doors use a system of pulleys and leaf springs to make the door slide. The track for the sliding doors is mounted to the inside of the door and is balanced by a center pivot screw that is fixed to the top of the track. A series of leaf springs are fitted to the track, with each acting as a bumper, to absorb the partial stress transmitted to the door from being walked on by the occupant. The actual operation of sliding doors is a combination of these leaf springs and door gear.

Sliding doors are found in residential homes

Most of the time, when speaking of exterior sliding doors, the person talking about is the one that operates the door – the person who looks out and opens or closes it. However, in commercial situations, where the door is frequently used, a service technician would most likely be working in the shop doing the repairs instead. Sliding closet doors are most often used for interior doors. They are also quite commonly used as patio doorways. They have a lip on one or both sides of the doorway so they can be slid along a patio and often have a lip over the top of the doorway so water will bead on it and stop the door from closing. There is no mechanism that holds the door in place, it simply slides sideways until it runs out of space or the door strikes an obstruction.

Sliding doors are found in residential homes, because they are often used to provide ventilation in homes where there is not a lot of space to open a window to allow air flow. Sliding closet doors are commonly found in office buildings. They are very common in retail stores and department stores, but you may also encounter them in warehouses and stockrooms. Sliding garage doors are commonly found in vacation rental homes, RVs, and even in industrial businesses. As you can see, they have a wide variety of uses.

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