Step Guide to Remove Contact Lenses – A Simple Guide

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Are you thinking of giving your old contacts some new life through using a step guide to remove contact lenses? Then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find some tips and suggestions on what steps you should take.

The first thing that you have to do is to collect your entire set of lenses. Make sure that you do not leave any of the unused or empty lenses at home. Then, you need to wash your hands thoroughly so that no soap residue remains. And, remember to rinse your hands with lukewarm water.

After washing your hands, you need to dry them. If you have some extra solution left on your fingers, you can simply shake this solution into the left lens as you gently wipe the dirty lens with your wet fingers. Wipe the solution away from the lens carefully so that it does not settle in any crevice on the lens surface. If you have bought some new ones, then they may have some small beads or pieces of the solution on them. You should try to dislodge these pieces if possible.

the solutions from the old lenses

Next, you should remove all the solutions from the old lenses. Then, you should soak the lenses for few minutes so that all the debris and the excess solution is removed. This is quite important because it will prevent your new lenses from drying out. And, it will also prevent the protein molecules from sticking on the surface of your new lenses. In fact, the protein molecules are actually the culprits that cause the wearing down of your lenses.

Then, you should wipe the lens very gently. This process is called lens cleaning. Remember to do this gently because the contact solutions are very strong. And, the fact that you are putting your eyes under direct sunlight may make it even worse.

Now, that you know how to remove contact lenses, you can actually start doing it in order to avoid any damage on the lens surface. This step guide to remove contact lenses is very easy to follow. Just follow these simple steps and you will surely be good at it soon enough.

rinse your hands with soap and water

For your first try, you should rinse your hands with soap and water. Then, you should put a clean, dry finger on the lens surface. You should start rubbing the lens gently in a circular motion. If needed, you can also wet your finger with some alcohol before you do it. This step guide to remove contact lenses will surely help you a lot in avoiding any damage on your contact lens.

After rinsing your fingers, you should use an alcohol wipe to clean the rest of the solution. When you have finished, you should put the lens into your eye. You can leave the lens in your eye for around 30 minutes just like that or for more than that. Just make sure that your lenses are completely dry before you put them back into your contact lens case.

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